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Full Engagement with Encompass Compliance Team

Encompass Compliance Corp. is uniquely positioned with over 30 years of experience in assisting companies with the creation and implementation of a successful & compliant drug free workplace program.

The Encompass Full Engagement is 4-step process to achieve compliance, reduce liability, improve safety, and reduce the cost associated with drug and alcohol use in the workplace.

We don’t just put together well-written documents and send you on your way. Encompass Compliance Corp. provides your company with the best tools & resources required to properly maintain your program’s compliance with state and federal laws. The Encompass Full Engagement includes:

  • A detailed policy review (or new policy creation), revisions, and implementation
  • Program Goals Assessment
  • A core company policy including state specific addenda documents (updated and kept current per state and federal laws).
  • An annual Risk Shield subscription with unlimited access for your team (up to 3 users) This includes access to:
    • Encompass Policy Development Wizard
    • Comprehensive Resource Center
    • Real Time Monitoring Tool
  • Real Time Industry Updates & Periodicals
  • Support & Assistance from the Encompass Compliance Corp team
Price: $3,900
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Compliance Development & Roll Out Plan

Phase Description Explanation
Phase 1 Assessment Determine company policy needs and goals in all states
Phase 2 Policy Develop a Core company policy and other state specific addenda including related checklists, guides, and other applicable resources
Phase 3 Implementation Program assistance implementing program in all states. Including support, implementation guidance and team training/orientation as required
Phase 4 Subcontractor Compliance Assistance with subcontractor compliance as well (if this applies)

Policy Review

The Encompass Compliance Team will conduct a comprehensive review of your current drug free workplace policy. We will provide a response that outlines any deficiencies, omissions, or other non-compliant statements or liabilities, with cited resources where applicable.

Your total: $750.00
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Any special projects, events or consulting needs you may require from our Encompass Compliance Corp team can be provided for a competitive hourly rate.

Price: $300/per hour
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