Integration Options

How does it work?

Encompass offers our partners three options for integration with test ordering platforms and/or systems. The first is a simple “Standalone” option where a partner inserts a line of code into their ordering system and connects to the live Encompass database. The second is a “Standalone Plus” which is essentially the same as the first option, but values are passed automatically so data input is not required. The third option is a full API integration which allows third parties to connect and retrieve data from the Encompass system and display it in any manner they want on their own system.

Option 1: Standalone

This option allows for a 3rd party to just drop a line of code into their website and the "widget" that appears will be connected to our live compliance database.

Option 2: JavaScript

This option is a customizable way to integrate the compliance checker by passing values with the "widget" so that you do not have to answer additional questions as with the Standalone version. This is a way to make a "better" standalone version without a full dev cycle being required.

Option 3: Full Integrated API

This option allows the 3rd party to connect and retrieve data from our system and display it any way they want in their own system. Fully customizable.

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