Policy Development Wizard

Understanding the basics

Every compliant workplace drug testing program should begin with a "Core" Company policy. Applicants and employees have a right to be informed of the specifics of the company’s drug and alcohol policy. The Encompass Policy Development Wizard will, by answering 7 specific questions, create a specific, detailed workplace drug and alcohol testing policy with all the related, up-to-date policy Addenda for state-specific rules.

The specific questions are basic and straightforward…
  • Company name (and logo if desired)
  • The state(s) in which the company operates
  • Who the company will test (employees/applicants)
  • Whether the company has union employees
  • Whether the company will test for alcohol
  • When the company will conduct tests (pre-employment, random, etc.)
  • What disciplines the company will enact in the event of a positive test

The complete policy

The completed policy is very specific and is ready to be distributed (unless your company decides to review the policy with counsel). The sections of the policy include:
  • Statement of Policy
  • Applicability
  • Definitions
  • Notice to Applicants (and/or Employees)
  • Prohibited Substances
  • Testing Details
  • Collection of Samples/Lab Analysis
  • Alcohol Testing Procedures (if applicable)
  • Discipline/Appeal of Test Results
  • Review and Notice of Rights
  • Employee Education
  • Supervisory Training
  • Confidentiality
  • Appendix

A policy of this quality would cost thousands if a company were to hire a law firm or consulting company. Encompass brings it to our clients as part of our Risk Shield program.

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