Real-Time Monitoring

Real Time Ordering Compliance & Auditing

The Encompass Real Time Monitoring program is the first automated compliance verification system in the country. The program provides an instant “audit”, and user guidance, on every drug and alcohol test order as related to state legal responsibilities of the company. The Real Time Monitoring program is designed to protect employers by guiding choices to make certain they are in compliance with state/federal rules.

The system is very simple. On every order, the employer (or agent) enters three pieces of data:

  • The state where the applicant or employee resides
  • The specimen type being used for the test
  • The reason for the test

What happens next?

Once the information is loaded, the order goes through the monitoring process ‘instant audit’. A “green light” will appear on the ordering screen if the order is compliant. If a “red light” alert appears (detailing the applicable state or federal law, with a link to the appropriate regulatory information), this indicates that the order is non-compliant. A “yellow light” alert indicates there is additional information about state specific policies, procedures & adjudication actions related to the order, that the employer must consider.

The Real Time Monitoring program is especially beneficial to companies with locations in multiple states. If hiring is done at the local level and the person managing the hiring process is not knowledgeable about specific state laws and statutes, the Real Time Monitoring program becomes invaluable, by “auditing” each individual order, thereby mitigating the risks associated with non-compliant testing.

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