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The Encompass Resource Center is the most complete, in-depth and accurate research library for any person looking to find information on drug and alcohol laws, regulations and court cases.

The core of the Resource Center is the State Compliance Kits, for all 50 states. These kits provide all the items needed to manage the compliance of your drug test program in any state. These kits are designed to be used in conjunction with your "core" company policy. Included in these kits are Employer’s State Compliance Guides, Post-Accident Checklists, Reasonable Suspicion Checklists, Implementation Checklists, Guides to State Laws on Marijuana, Mandatory State Statutes, Regulations and other topics critical to the successful management of company drug and alcohol testing programs.

Another important section in the Resource Center is the Common Issues Chart. This section gives you access to more than 20 documents that provide an overview on the issue described, such as states that limit random testing, adulteration issues, split specimen requirements, states that limit discipline and many, many more important topics.

How many employers would like a complete guide to marijuana in the workplace? The Resource Center has a specific category dealing with this issue organized by individual states.

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What comes with it?

Federal DOT issues are contained in the Resource Center as well. Though widely publicized, federal laws undergo change frequently. This category in the Resource Center reviews current regulations by Administration, and includes all SAMHSA rules and regulations.

The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) has its own set of issues that are also covered in the Resource Center. ADA Regulations and Statutes are included as well as an EEOC Guide.

The Common Checklist category contains common checklist by state including suggested checklists for reasonable suspicion & post-accident situations. We know that when either of these situations occurs managers need to take quick action in the stress of the moment. These suggested checklists will help provide direction & ensure that correct steps are taken.

Additional categories include Key Court Cases, Mandatory State Regulations, Mandatory State Statues, Marijuana Statutes, Native American and OSHA rules, Union Issues, and more. The bottom line is the Resource Center is the most comprehensive location for information that can be vital, to a company’s Drug Testing Program Manager.

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