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Risk Shield

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Compliance and regulatory issues are an obvious concern for companies performing drug and alcohol testing. Marijuana laws, mandatory state laws, ADA and OSHA issues, workers' compensation rules and required unemployment procedures impact every employer. No company has the time or expertise to keep up with all ongoing changes in the industry. Every employer needs an expert whose sole business is to stay current with these issues. Encompass is that company.

Employers have a choice to make. Ignore risks associated with having a drug and alcohol testing program OR mitigate risk by actively managing compliance. Encompass can ensure risk mitigation through our Risk Shield program. The program is as follows:

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1. the Policy Development Wizard

  • Allows employers to quickly create a core drug & alcohol policy
  • Accounts for all current regulations (by state)
  • Immediately puts an employer’s policy in compliance
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2. Resource Center

  • The world’s most complete resource on all aspects of drug & alcohol testing including marijuana laws, ADA, OSHA, workers' compensation & Unemployment issues
  • State-by-state “Compliance Kits” – an in-depth resource for company drug testing program managers

Questions your clients may have...

A company operates in a couple of states that now have medical marijuana laws. Should they change their drug testing policy?

A company bought a competitor. Can they drug test all “new” employees?

A company is concerned about the “prescription epidemic”. Should they move from a 5-panel to a 10-panel test which includes testing for prescription drugs?

The Resource Center has information on these and hundreds of other issues in one easy-to-navigate site!

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3. Real-Time Monitoring

  • Provides an INSTANT compliance check
  • Audit on every drug test ordered
  • Validates the order is in compliance with state regulations
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